Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Outside My Kitchen Window?

Happenings in the big backyard this week.
All my veggies have sprouted and I have apples on the apple tree.
The Handyman had to chop down a cherry tree---but I didnt' get any pictures of that.
I just walked around and took pictures of "stuff"

I couple of years ago, I asked the Handyman to put up a ledge or shelf on our fence so that I could hang watering cans from it.  I had this idea of collecting antique watering cans...

I guess I need to "dead head" some flowers.
Not even a good shot of a cobweb.

But I did get a bee.

I'm a bit concerned about our grapevine this year.  It's not doing so well, as you can tell by all the vine without grape leaves.

And another bee.

A flower pot on my patio table.

I wish there were more time to lay in the hammock and read.

A Bird on the fence.

A red-headed house finch on the fence.

Two birds...waiting for their turn at the drinking fountain.


  1. Pretty pics! I like the old watering cans :)

  2. You still have irises in your zone. Mine are done for the year. I like the watering can display.