Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting Ready for the Garden

Finally there was some good weather in Northern Nevada.
So, we began our garden.
First I planted some flowers  (I have way too many "pots" to plant, so I'm trying to but back this year)
The one tho, sits beside a garden swing.  One must have flowers beside the garden swing.

I planted a few flowers in my rock garden.... I don't want too many, but it's nice to have some color in there.

Then we made our way to the vegetable garden....
I planted herbs in this topsy-turvy way.   The Handyman will put a drip system in for me.... it's kind of self watering...the pots will drip down from the top to the bottom into each other.

This looks kind of pitiful....but we put brackets on the fence to hang our tomato plants.

More tomatoes---sharing a barrell with some volunteer lettuce.
(I'll have to take that out)

Everything looks so dry and dusty......
......hmmmm.  It's Nevada. 
The Handyman is going to put in a good watering system for the veggies.

It'll green up ...I promise.  We are't quite done... just working on getting the dirt ready and doing a bit of planting.

We end our day playing with the grandbabies.


  1. The topsy-turvy pots are perfect for herbs. Things are looking good... won't be long now!

  2. I love the topsy-turvy pots. Spending time with your grandchildren is the best way to spend the day, I imagine :-)

  3. Hello. I was jumping around garden blogs and found yours with a link to mine on the side. Thank you. You have a lot of great containers going. I have a "flower tower" too or as you call it topsy turvy. I will be back to see how things grow!!!