Saturday, January 21, 2012

A winter day?

It rained all night long.  It's January--that was supposed to be snow.  It's just really weird

I have moss growing on my tree.  In January.  And I live in the desert.  Okay, the high DRY desert.  We don't get green stuff growing on our trees usually.

And I'm a bad apple, as I left some on my tree last fall.... and the birds didn't even get them all.

I didn't really do a good garden/yard clean up  either..... but heck, it's warm enough--I can get out there this afternoon and  pull weeds, etc.
I really need to prune some bushes this spring.

Monday, January 16, 2012

outside my windows

I used to take pictures of my yard, post them,  and called the weekly  (almost) post,   "What's Outside My Kitchen Window."   
I had some friends who would show me what was outside their windows too.
If I had been on the ball, I could have made it into a blog hop or something, but I didn't, which is probably just as well, since I don't tend to stick to things.

It has been so warm this winter, and we've had no moisture or snow whatsoever .....until this morning, so once again I took pictures of 'what's outside my windows.
The Handyman commented on my pictures,  "are those from today?"
me, "yes"
Handyman,  "well, its hard to tell, you take pictures every time it snows and they all look the same.   For the past 15 years."It does seem I take pictures of the same things all the time.....

Pictures of what's outside my windows.
I don't have that  many exciting garden happenings in the winter I guess.

(looking at these pictures of my backyard, I can tell that I never really winterized.   I should get out and do that once the snow leaves---which it will soon enough,  we've had a very dry winter)

Family room:


dining room:

Living room: