Saturday, May 1, 2010

What's Outside My Kitchen Window

A week in the life of our backyard.

What a week we've had!!
First, we thought spring was here.
I even had a daffodil.  One.  One daffodil.
It is Northern Nevada, the high desert.... I will have more daffodills the middle of May.
But for now, I am very excited to have one.

And a robin in the tree.
Robins are a sure sign of spring around here.

Believe it or not,  I can see buds on this tree!

And back to Mr. Robin.
He was having  fun looking for stuff for his nest.

On Sunday, it was so nice and warm, the Handyman couldn't help but sit out in the yard and read a magazine.
That first hint of sunshine, spring, warmth, well, we just feel the need to bask in it.
(I guess.  Can you call sitting out there with a long sleeved shirt, a gun magazine and a beer, basking?)

That was Sunday.  On Tuesday, we  had the biggest wind storm I can remember.
The nightly news said that if it had been a tropic system, it would have been considered a level 3 hurricane. We had 80 mile an hour winds.  And we lost part of our roof.  And so now yay...we get to spend our savings on a new roof.  I'm sure the insurance companies awere bombarded on Wed morning.
We drove around during our wind storm, so I could take pictures.
(oh....and I took a lot)
Fences down, trees down, dust bowls, tumbleweeds.

City Crews cleaning up the next morning.
Check out all those tumbleweeds along the fence line.

Then on Wednesday afternoon,  rain, snow and hail came.
Notice the two doves in our tree?  They are all hunkered down trying to stay warm.
(we don't really like the doves, as they are kind of an annoying bird, but they sure were cold.  I felt kind of bad for them.)

And then later.... Wed. early evening, we had snow.
Sunday, warm sunshine.... Wed snow.
Ahhhhh....spring in Northern Nevada.

Outside my Kitchen Window.