Monday, March 21, 2011

I hate Old Man Winter.

 The first full day of spring.
Old Man  Winter cannot let go.
He's like an old man  hanging on, not wanting to let youth (spring) take over.
I hate Old Man Winter.
Oh sure, at first he woos you and seduces you with his pristine demeanor and it's quite exciting. There are sparkles and bells and trees with lights.  Sleigh rides and parties with spiked hot chocolate.  Silver and tinsel and grand music.
Laughter and joy and smiles.
He treats you to good food and lots of it.

But then soon....he turns a cold shoulder on you.  His moods are dark and bone chilling cold. He keeps you away from friends by demanding that you stay inside.  Because of him, you are isolated.
He freezes your toes and sometimes he can be said to abuse you--I mean, you did slip on that ice at Walmart, didn't you?

Suddenly he begins to run hot and cold...he's so unpredictable.  From one day to the next you don't know what mood he will take.
Just when you think it's safe to go outside again, he hits you hard with the wind and rain and the sleet and yes....snow.
He shows his power over you!

He's not quite ready to give you up.

I hate him.  But I used to love him.  And if he comes around again in say,  9 months, I'll probably  be delighted to see him again.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder.... so hurry up and leave Old Man Winter!!!

The Big Backyard  (and front yard) today:

Right outside my patio door.  There is  a rake lying out there in the yard. And an upside down lawn chair  (you can just see the feet).  We had had a wind storm a few days ago.

From my front porch.  Yesterday we had no snow in the yard!

And from my front porch, the other direction.

From my dining room window:  SNOW!

And from my other dining room window---this is the garden area on the side yard.  You can see my little square foot garden out there---if you can get past the rooster head. 
The Square foot garden just waiting patiently for 
Old Man Winter to go the hell away!!