Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marching Out Like a Lion!

I have a cooking blog (which I have lately been incorporating my book loving side into), on which last year, I posted "What's Outside My Kitchen Window" every Wednesday. (or I tried to do it every got a little boring looking out my window week after week, after week, so I skipped a few), but today I posted about it again....starting off spring 2010 right!

Only look what our spring brought today.....

March went out like a lion!

It is time for me to map out my garden. Last year I did a "square foot" garden and was so excited. I asked my husband to make individual "cubbies" if you will, instead of just an overlay to the "square foots"
see here.

Yes, I know it was wrong, but it worked.

My father in law, thinks he is very funny, and sent me a newspaper article the other day, with directions on the "right" way to do a square-foot garden. Smart Alec!!
He loves his square-foot gardens and has always had good luck with them.
I plan to expand to two this year...and a compost pile!

And here is what it looks like outside my kitchen window this week.

On Sunday, the Handyman cleaned up the patio, go our patio furniture out and set up and also fertilized the yard.

On Monday I thought I should go take some pictures of my crocus that are poking thru the earth.  But I didn't get around to it.

On Tuesday, we had the wind storm to beat all wind storms.
Lawn chairs upended.

Watering cans blown off their hooks!

Bird feeders turned sideways
(empty,  yes, I know....poor birds)

And the patio, which the Handyman had just cleaned?
Scattered with leaves and debris...and signs blown off our fence.

And then today, Wednesday, What's outside my kitchen window?

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