Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Photos of the Big Backyard

Just random pictures that are RECENT of my backyard and garden.
No explanation is needed....right?

Take a pictoral tour of **** Mt. Tobin Place, our home, where the birds await to sing you a song as you walk along.
(LOL the birds sat on the street sign while I went home and got my camera and walked back down to get their picture. I imagine them following me and singing....zippidee do daa, zippidee aaay, my oh my what a wonderful day........ )

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  1. Well, It's winter and I just found your other blog Friday Friends and decided to see your backyard blog.
    These are great pictures of your garden: tomatoes of various types, a singled out string bean, a yellow flower (I'm guessing that it's a zuchhini flower), a sunflower, wonderful grapes and grapevines and greenery. Looking forward to spring and planting in my small backyard square a couple tomatoe plants, parsley, green pepper, oregano.