Thursday, November 12, 2009

A long time gone

So much time has passed since I've updated my Big Backyard.

I would feel the quilt if I thought anyone paid attention... anyone but my family from out of town. My father-in-law, Phil, especially. He got a kick out of my Square Foot Garden and how I did it.
He is an "old-hand" at square foot gardening.
Since July, we've had another grandbaby, gone to a family wedding, I did a 3day-60mile walk for breast cancer in Seattle....., I did miss some great summer photos, but, we'll begin again.  (and we'll pretend today isn't November 12th, but sometime  mid-October, when these pictures were taken)
Fall is coming in the Nevada Big Backyard. The Handyman is contemplating all the piles of leaves he'll have to gather. The Leadership Club at the High School is doing leaf raking for a donation, as their project. I asked him about calling them, and he said, NO, he can do his own leaves.

Ah... a few little leaves on the ground.  It's not so bad.... but look again!  Look what waits overhead for the Handyman!

Trusty Old Monroe!!
(he'll be as famous as Charlie one day)

So, see?   A little bit of raking and the yard is as good as new.

The colder weather makes the concord grapes GOOD!!

Izzy waits for some attention....on the potting table.

And then..... we make our way to the side yard...the square foot garden.
It's mid-October for heaven's sake!  I gave up watering when I went to Arizona 10 days ago.
Besides, the autumn leaves are falling....

....and falling.  The Handyman has more leaves to rake now.

But once again he gets the job done!!   Well done Handyman!!
(except you might want to pick up the empty leaf/garbage can)

OH NO!  How does this happen.  More leaves.

And more leaves and more leaves!

The Handyman has a helper!

Or...does he?

Our 2 year old granddaughter, visiting from Virginia, helps Granddad  in the yard.
(for some reason Granddad comes out  Bop-ah-dad)

Granddad gives up!!

Leaves can be raked tomorrow!

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  1. Aww, such a cute post. E looks like she's having lots of fun jumping in the leaves!