Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Hummingbird nest

On Sunday, we worked in our yard all day. I finished up the garden, finally getting the tomato plants in the pot and the "upside down" hangers, and finished planting the pumpkins and the rest of the lettuce in a barrel. I know this is stupid, but I went ahead and put in the sweet peas, even tho I know it will be way too hot soon.

I have way too much "junk" in my yard, I know. But it's the greatest yard EVER for an Easter Egg hunt.

Monday we put out some flags for Memorial Day, but I guess it can be the "theme" for the summer... Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day....

A few mornings ago, I was out having a cup of coffee in the morning and I noticed a hummingbird who kept coming and hovering right under the patio cover. I didn't think too much of it, but then on Sunday, it happened again.
We have an old string of lights ....red white and blue lights....strung under the patio cover...it gives off a twinkly glow at night, but I said to the Handy Man, "that hummingbird is going to electrocute himself in that cord!"
And then I said " A NEST....there is a nest."

Hummingbird nests look kind of like a big "spider sack" in a way.
I want so badly to get a ladder and see the hummingbird eggs. I bet they are teeny.

On Monday afternoon, I lay in the patio swing trying to get a picture.... and to show how small the nest really is.
It's very exciting to me to have a hummingbird nest so close.

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Here she sits.

See how small it really is?

I caught her flying away.... on the left bottom you can see her. We make her nervous on our patio.

Random pictures from our yard work on Sunday

The tomato plants are in the barrels now.

And the Square foot garden is coming along.

taking a moment to decorate for Memorial Day

Just watching the show!! Old Monroe.

Oh....and the tomatos in the upside down baskets!

I like my new flower pot....it was so easy to make. I found it in Birds and Bloom.

And now.....I am opening myself to you......and showing you...THE DOG PATH!! He has destroyed the grass in this area. Grrrrrr.....dogs!
And there is my "Kitchen Window".

And coming into my yard from the garage. You have to walk under the Purple Globe Locust Tree.


  1. Your yard looks beautiful! Love the hammock... nice for an afternoon siesta! The topsy-turvy plant stand is SO cute... how did you make it... is there a stick that goes through all of them? Great job... lots of work! I'm going out today to take pictures of our garden.

  2. My gosh, what great photos. And your yard is just beautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing how those tomato baskets work out!

  3. I love you back yard. I can picture enjoying spending time there. Great pictures!

    We thought about the up-side-down tomato bags but weren't sure how well they worked. I'll look forward to hearing your final analysis of them.