Thursday, May 21, 2009

yard notes

Yesterday while walking around my yard, I had a notebook and was writing down what we need at the nursery this weekend.

I am famous for writing lists. I write them for everything, so there was a always a list or two on our counter when the boys were still at home.
One, of course was a grocery list, and our youngest son, Mark, would always...ALWAYS write in "candy for Mark" on my lists. He's even done this as an adult, anytime they are home for a visit.

I left my notebook with my garden wants list on the counter and when I came back to it, it had "Candy for Mark" written in!
A ghost? LOL nope, just the Handy-Man being cute.
It brought back a nice memory of my son.

Disregard the bad handwriting... I had garden gloves on.

and then.... this is too funny.....My father in law, Phil, sent me this after looking at my blog...


I smile every time I see your square foot garden, cheers me up big time. And its coming along just fine, You'll be surprised how much you can get out of it. I love your back yard. Only wish I could still get out and work in ours. I am learning to sit and watch Greg and Scott as they do things for me.

Tomorrow Terri gets to have a nuclear stress test since she has been having some heavy feeling on her chest. I told her that her boobs were too big. She then asked if she could have them reduced and I said of course! She'll never do it though.

Have a great week end.

I'm laughing my rear off. Who else's FIL would tell about his wife's boob reduction?
Not that my mother in law is getting one, nor does she really want one. (well....maybe? LOL But the thing is...she never would have "asked", she would have told.) I'm sure the conversation was a stress reducer, considering she's been having some chest problems, with a history of heart problems.

They've always had fun yards....nice yards, yards that make you want to read a book and relax.
I'll find some old pictures and scan them soon.
It makes me a bit melancholy to think that both he and my dad are not working in their yards like they used to.

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  1. Yeah, it's hard to see our folks get older. My Dad moved to AZ 5 or 6 years ago and bought a house that didn't have a lawn... just rocks. He loves it. He's 86 and always had a garden but he's glad to be without having to mow and tend. They can't even plant flowers outside... the bunny rabbits eat them all, so it's cactus all the way.