Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's about time!

Finally! Warm weather ... or... How we spent our Father's Day.

The thing about warm weather in Northern  Nevada is, that it hits fast and hard. 
We had snow on June 3rd. It was kind of a freak thing, but we had a really, really wet and cold spring.
It's been hard on everyone.....(farmers, ranchers, lumber yards, nurseries, and most of all ME!!)

And today it is 90 degrees.

I've neglected the Big Backyard Blog for quite some time.  (remember when I was going to take a picture a week to show how my  yard changes?  I gave up on that since everything was so brown and awful looking for so long)  But all of the sudden everything in the High Desert is green again, so....   time to garden while we can.

The Handyman was putting in an arbor for me. He will not be happy that I'm posting pictures of him working in the yard.   He doesn't look too happy, does he?
This is/was the entrance to my vegetable garden of past years, but sadly we are not doing veggies this year.  A few tomato plants is all.  And some Herbs.
This spot gets too much shade now and it is the middle of June...our growing season is less than 90 days at this point, so.... ??  It's sad tho.

The view from where I sat...
towards the Handyman:

I planted some honeysuckle by it so it will grow and tail up and over the arbor someday.

looking up the yard...the hill?  Whatever you want to call my backyard...I just turned and was looking at our yard from a different perspective.
Up the hill:

Then I needed a couple of rose bushes planted along the fence, but we have horrible roots all over the yard, from the Poplar Trees.  The roots are so bad, the Handyman had to take an axe to them.  No worries....that won't kill the Poplars.

We lost at tree last year in this spot, so it looks strange and odd and sad to us.  Hey...maybe it's the roots from the old  locust tree.

He has an axe in his hand...it's just so fast, you can't see it.

My fear is that the axe blade will fly off and embed itself into my skull.  You can breath a sigh of relief tho...it didn't happen.  This time.

It's a good thing too, because I want to link this to  Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage.  , Garden Tuesday at Sidewalk Shoes and   Blooming Tuesday at MsGreen "thumb".


  1. I love how you sat and took pictures while Handyman worked, lol! Love, love, love your backyard and REALLY love the arbour! Keep us updated please....

  2. I am in love with your Arbor! I need one for my rose that was saved from a fate worse than death, being left in the side yard!

  3. Debbie, Aren't you lucky to have a handyman around the house. The arbor looks great and it will look even better when the honeysuckle grows. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  4. Came over from Tuesday Garden Party, and love your pictures (I always have that fear also when my husband is wielding the ax!). It's amazing how an arbor can pull an area together. Love it.

  5. I love arbors, and I know you will enjoy all your handyman did. :)

  6. I love the arbor! I've always wanted one at the beginning of my walkway up to the front door. Maybe someday. If I suggest anything else for my gardener to do these days, or start a sentence with "someday I'd like to have...." he just gives me the stink eye. We're not putting a ramp back on the deck, which was there before, so I suggested yesterday that we (he) put pavers there then build a potting bench slash fish cleaning station. I wonder if he has it finished yet. LOL

  7. So true, when it was 90 degrees, I kept thinking "wait a minute, didn't we have snow in Reno a week ago?" it was a hard transition for the garden and me, lol! I'm hoping for some tomatoes and squash at the very least and I'd be thrilled if my pumpkins sprout soon!

  8. Ha, I worry about the axe doing that EVERY TIME anyone uses it. Looks gorgeous and like everyone made it out alive. :)

  9. lovely arbor! what a sweet difference it makes! xoxo, tracie