Saturday, January 29, 2011

a transformation 2011--the beginning

When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by those time-lapsed film segments, when it showed something changing over a period of time.
So, I think I'll try,  TRY to do that with photos of my yard this year.  I'll take pictures of my  yard each week, standing in the exact same place and then we'll see how it transforms.

Am I embarrassed by how my  yard looks right now? Well, kind of--yes.  We had all the leaves raked up before the first snowfall,  (and we do get lots of snow and below freezing temps, so our  yards here in Northern Nevada look all brown and dead) but our weather has been unseasonably warm, so the Handyman got out and blew all the dead leaves  --the ones that had fallen after our big pick up of 20 garden bags of leaves.  Did you not notice our big trees?  they drop lots of leaves, so there is always some leftover).   But he blows them out of the rocks and LEAVES them  (no pun intended) on the lawn.

He says he intends to rake them up this afternoon.  I am betting on a big wind storm to blow them right back up against the fence. 
On the other  hand, at least he is getting of his rear-end and doing something, unlike myself who sits on her rear-end during the winter.  ~sigh~

Anyway.....  my big backyard, the end of January 2011.

and my cat, Izzy, who is getting ready to come weave herself between my legs.  She will be the death of me one morning---the big trip and fall and knock myself in my head, from her weaving.

I sometimes fell my pictures in the Big Backyard Blog are redundant.'s my backyard, so, things are pretty much the same as last year.
Who am I trying to impress?

On a sad note, we will probably have to take out another tree this year.


  1. I'm so tired of winter, this morning I made a list of plants and flowers I want in the garden. It's hard to imagine on a day like today, when it's snowing AGAIN, that the grass will be green and there will be things growing! I want to make a crooked plant stand with the terra cotta pots like you have :)

  2. My kids would love a big backyard like that to roam around in :)