Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making the Square Foot garden

I read really fast. And because I do so, I often miss misspelled words, because I "know" what the writer is trying to get across.
BUT...I never realized that in my haste, I might read directions WRONG!!!!

My father in law, Phil, wrote and said that we should make a "square-foot" garden, as you can get a lot from a small space that way.

I looked at a picture of a square ft garden, told Rich what I wanted. (12 squares, a foot each) He told me what to buy, I went to the lumber yard, bought the wood, came home, Had Rich cut the wood and screw it together ...... then went back in and looked at the directions.
Hmmm.... I see, it was just supposed to be a "grid overlay", not 12 individual spaces.

But...we're going to go with what we have. I think it will work out just fine.
Tomorrow, we'll get the soil and fill in the squares and add some soil to the rest of the garden, and get ready to plant.
The barrel will have peas or beans.
And the circle will have something else. LOL
and on the other side of the little walk way, we'll get three more barrels for some container gardening. Probably one of the barrels will be a "salad" barrel.
I have some carrots, onions, radishes, beets, peas, beans, and suumer squash, zuchinni and pumpkin.
I have too many things for such a small space.
We'll see how it goes.

One would think, by some of the pictures, that we have a HUGE yard. And we do, I just don't want to take any of it away to plant a vegetable garden, so this is what we'll do this year.

The Frog is waiting to see....

Monroe too!!

Our ain't much, but it will have to do.

The snowball bush is getting blooms....

And we begin the process...

4 feet by 4 feet....

Our yard is greening up. Rich put some fertilizer on last week, and as you know, it snowed on Wednesday, so the grass grew, but today, his lawn mower was not working.
He was NOT a happy camper. He tried to fix it, but...I think it's time for a new lawn mower.

Monroe watched the sawdust fly!

My little veggie boxes.....


  1. Looks good so far! It won't matter at all that you have separate boxes. My gardener went to roto-till the garden yesterday and the thing wouldn't start. He tried everything and then found the gas line was cracked so it wasn't getting gas. So now we have to wait for a part. It's amazing how green the grass gets with just a little water! Ours is greening up, too.

  2. Your little "mistake" with the partitions might just work to your advantage. I want to make some raised beds for my backyard as it progresses, so I will be very interested to see how this goes for you.

  3. that looks great! thanks for sending me the link, i look forward to watching the garden progress in your backyard.