Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Photos of the Big Backyard

Just random pictures that are RECENT of my backyard and garden.
No explanation is needed....right?

Take a pictoral tour of **** Mt. Tobin Place, our home, where the birds await to sing you a song as you walk along.
(LOL the birds sat on the street sign while I went home and got my camera and walked back down to get their picture. I imagine them following me and singing....zippidee do daa, zippidee aaay, my oh my what a wonderful day........ )

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just back

I've been back from CT for a couple of weeks now....and haven't updated the "garden" blog.
When I first got back....The Handy-Man was putting in these sprayer sprinklers in our "Rock Garden". It has been so hot....over 100 for a couple of weeks, and the rock garden was looking very dry. Very dry.
So, here are the three sprayers he put in.....
(can you see it below the old canteen we found in the desert )

Hopefully, this will keep the plants moister. We are so dry here in Nevada...no humidity at all, so everything dries out right after it's been watered.
Below is the barrel I have my tomato plants in. They have taken off and are hanging over the walkway. Pay no attention to the mess behind the air-conditioner. It's the 'side" of the house.

I have tomatoes on the vine! Finally. We are a little slow here in NV. At the farmers market we have herbs and some early things like radishes and beets.

I have lettuce and peas in the other barrels.

And my Tospy Turvy is doing okay. I have little cherry tomatoes... a lot of them.

My squash and cucumber plants.

The Square Foot Garden!! With radishes that have gone to seed.

The cherry tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy

We'll move to the other side of the yard to the grape vine.

The Apple Tree has apples. I can't wait for homemade applesauce.

The Rock Garden from the Grape Vine side of the yard.

Rich hadn't washed my car the whole time I was gone....